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A solid and quick distribution is a major part of the customer satisfaction in online sales. We offer complete and affordable supply chain solutions for web shops, which includes warehousing, picking, packing, distributing goods and handling returns. Outsourcing these processes allows your web shop to grow, while you can focus on other core activities carefree.

Our services

We provide suitable assistance for every web shop or any other organization demanding our services. You can benefit from complete logistic solution or you can decide to use a few services; for instance, if you wish to distribute promotional material. Together we can find the right combination and create synergy.


Accurate inventory recording is the lifeblood of any business, so we make sure that we closely monitor and report on stock inventory with regular cycle counts and stock checks. Thereby, we maintain real-time access to warehousing and distribution information, such as stock levels, shipping quantities, back-order status and stock movements.

Order picking

Once your orders are received in our system, our employees can pick the products that are required to complete them, based on the item number and storage location.


We always aim to arrange the best shipping option. Thanks to our partners, we offer low prices for both global and local dispatches. Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with Royal Mail in the UK, La Poste, Dutch TNT, Deutsche Post, Swiss Post and many more.

Quality control

To guarantee the quality of goods that are sent to customers, we inspect them during the intake. If necessary we can execute quality checks at later moments, for example, on expiration date.


After being picked, the goods are placed in the most appropriate packaging material for the specific product and address labels are added. Subsequently, our employees ensure that the packages are directed to the correct truck or van.

Returns management

We take control of every task related to returned products. If the product’s quality is still adequate, it will be returned to the warehouse and inventory will be revalued.


Synergy means that a combined effect is larger than the accumulation of the separate effects. This is what we could create together!

Keep in control

The fact that you outsource a part of your supply chain, should not mean you lose control of your products. Our management information systems enable us to create meaningful reports. Consequently, you can make decisions quickly and accurately.

Be free of logistic concerns

By employing our services, you are relieved of logistic responsibilities. This saves you much time, effort and money, so you can concentrate on your fields of expertise.

Find a suitable logistic solution

Every web shop is different, but we have possibilities for every order quantity, every product size, every shipment – whether it is local or worldwide – and no matter how long your company has existed.

Focus on your core activities

As you save time outsourcing your logistic activities, you can concentrate on purchasing, marketing, sales, maintaining customer satisfaction, web design, etc. to a greater extent.

Maximize customer satisfaction

We ensure of fast and accurate delivery to your customers, thanks to our reliable distribution partners. Besides, you will have more time to pay attention to your customers’ needs, for example. This will make your customers happy.

Stay ahead of competition

E-commerce trends develop rapidly, but together we can optimize your business position continuously. If you have the right logistic solutions, your e-business is a step ahead of competition.

About us

Swiss Fulfilment originated from TW4, followed by our Dutch partner
B-Logic. We have over 25 years of experience in warehousing, order fulfilment and dispatching products all over the world. Thus, we have built strong partnerships with Swisstrans, Swisspost, Spring, Swiss Royal Mail, Hastler, FedEx, DHL, UPS, DPD, PostNL and many more postal authorities.

Our team consist of experienced people, who continuously look for innovations, with expertise in planning shipments and negotiating low-cost shipping and mailing. Also, we are aware that clients’ needs vary greatly, so we provide tailored logistic solutions, for your requirements too. We are ready to assist you in a part of your supply chain. Are you ready to boost your e-business?

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